Customer Testimonials


We finally went on the bike train, 35 to bring your own bike, 55 dollars for bike and ride. Walked down over new bridge, with wife and girlfriend, they do not ride often, train ride left about ten am, what a beautiful ride, water falls, mountains, leaves changing, train went through tunnel be four getting to White Haven, ex railroad man i really enjoyed it. i did whole trail a couple of weeks ago, 8 hours, 4 hours back from White Haven to Jim Thorpe from train, let me tell you what a treat your in for, water falls a along ride back,2 rest rooms, one warning for people who do not ride often, get a gel seat, my poor wife and her friend were sore for a week. Have fun.

Manuel Antonio - Costa Rica

Very enjoyable train ride with very professional car attendants.

The train boarded on time and pulled out of the station on the hour as scheduled. Being able to take a snack and a drink onto the train was very much appreciated. The car was very clean and the seats very comfortable. Having the windows open allowed for cool breezes and the sound of the clicketty clack of the track to be heard. The scenery was interesting, watching the rafters on the river and the bike riders on the path. The mountains and trees were beautiful. The car host was very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Would also recommend the bike trains as we have done those also and they are great!

Steph Curvey

Magic in the Clanging of the Rails

The ride was a bit short but very enjoyable, wish it had continued for another 45 minutes. We were lucky enough to hit the fall colors just about at peek even though it was already November thanks to the recent warm and rainy weather.
If you're into trains this is a must do when visiting the Jim Thorpe region. The trains are comfortable, have restrooms and the train crew were friendly and informative.

Tracker129 - Somerset, New Jersey

A Great Activity in Lake Harmony Area

A lovely train ride through the Jim Thorpe area. Beautiful scenery and great narration. Just a very relaxing trip. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

slk069 - Stockton, California 

Great scenic train ride.

The foliage was great, friendly train crew. We had a great time. Lots of photo ops. The trains had restrooms.

David H - Levittown, Pennsylvania

101 Years later

Just felt honored in some weird way to enjoy the ride, admiring the radiant system under the chairs with the chair adjustment option. Nice scenic views.

michaelfY1515WB - Souderton, Pennsylvania

So glad we did it

Great train ride through some beautiful scenery! Even though it was rainy and foggy it was still a trip I would do again! The information from our tour guide was very interesting and delivered with some humor. I wish it would have lasted longer!

jciupa921 - Bayonne, New Jersey

First time on a train

This railway tour was wonderful. The conductor was very knowledgeable when speaking about the areas we were seeing. The tour attendants were also very good. I would definitely do this again.

anchorage4alaska - Sayre, Pennsylvania

Great Train Ride!

Was in Jim Thorpe for a weekend getaway with my hubby for our anniversary. We thought we check out the fall festival and this cute little town. The Train ride was not on our list to do, but we are glad we went on this 45 min. trip. The scenery on the train ride was gorgeous and the gentleman speaking over the speaker was very knowledgeable. It was a very relaxing train ride.


Great for a rainy day!

Our intention was to go for a bike ride. Due to the misty and drizzly conditions, we resorted to "Plan B." This train ride was truly delightful. We enjoyed hearing of the history while looking out the windows. Comfortable, affordable, educational and a pleasant experience all around!

Elise G - Hudson River Valley, New York

Great ride

We jumped on the afternoon train on a Thursday in early October. My children enjoyed it immensely and their parents did also! We had a great tour guide who seemed to really enjoy what he was doing. He pointed out numerous things that we would’ve missed such as a really neat waterfall and a tunnel an eighth of a mile long cut through the rock. We would highly recommend it!

Clark Z

Historical and Modern

We took the 45 minute 11:00am ride on October 1st. The staff were friendly, professional and informative. We chose the cushion seats and closed windows. The history of coal, the railroad and the mountains made the trip even more enjoyable. The ride is smooth and interesting. We brought water on board, others brought snacks. I would highly recommend this trip.

Susan R - Merritt Island, Florida

70 minute train ride

Took a ride on the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway on a Wednesday morning in late September. My husband, myself, and our nine month old son rode in the open air car for $19 per person (kids free under 2). It was an awesome experience! The entire ride was narrated overhead in addition to the train car attendee pointing out areas of interest. It was a 70 minute ride with beautiful scenery; great picture opportunities. Very peaceful and serene. Staff friendly and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend this experience.

Ashley S